About GF Design

Garrett Fritzler

I'm Garrett Fritzler, owner of GF Design. I'm a freelance graphic designer who believes that graphic design should be simple to get, affordable, and look great.


My business helps small businesses that demand high-quality graphic design for their sales, marketing, and branding projects but wish to avoid having to pay high starting salaries and costly benefits to entry-level graphic designers. My subscription-based graphic design service gives you access to top-quality work while saving your business thousands of dollars annually versus the cost of hiring a salaried designer.

Smart graphic design.

Working with GF

GF Design helps clients identify ways to connect with their audience and developing branding that pops and designs that jump off the page.​ Jump-start your business with clean designs and fast first views of your designs!

Working with me is quick and easy. After getting a feel for you and your brand in a brief project consultation, I get to work crafting aesthetically pleasing designs that appeal to your market. Attention to detail and turning in our work on-time are my two biggest points of focus as I work through each draft, taking your feedback and fine-tuning the designs.